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Founders use our factory to launch their MVP in 4 Weeks
$2000 Fixed Price. Simple and Straightforward.
Mobile Apps, Web Apps.
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We are preferred by the best in the business!
We have worked with some of the most ambitious companies with our technology expertise.

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We Enable Startups To Operate at the Scale and Sophistication of Scaleups

We build your MVP quickly and deliver the final product in flat 4 weeks for an app with medium complexity. The services that we build operate with high reliability and scale seamlessly to millions of users.

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We Help Enterprises To Move As Fast As Startups In A Cost-Efficient Manner

We complement your in-house teams and work with them to build features or apps with the speed at which startups move and bring in the agility and growth that your company needs with a clear ROI.

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Stunning landing pages without in-house design or dev time

We deliver stellar landing pages and websites to engage your target audience.

How It Works

Rapid Delivery And Performant Apps

Optimized For Users

Brainstorming and

We brainstorm the idea / feature with your team and understand the motivation behind your app, business model, the target audience to decide on the right development strategy for your app.

Design And Development Process

With expectations in insight, we freeze the requirements and design the app. With 8 Week Launch strategy, we hit the ground running with the development process.

From MVP to Launch

We deliver MVP of the app within few weeks and from there get ready for the launch of the app. You can see the progress at each step.

Post Launch

All our apps come with built in observability. We instrument apps with the right metrics and setup alarms to monitor the metric deviations and provide you a dashboard of the apps performance.

We just don't leave you here, we work with you to find traction and help you market it well.

Discovery and
Tailored Strategy

We audit and analyze your marketing programs and competitive landscape to determine the most optimal path to your next milestone. We work with your team to understand how we can best support them.

Why work with oohalo?

We are with you until you succeed
Employees overburdened working on multiple features.
Unforeseen delays in project delivery due to shortage of expertise or hiring challenges.
High cost of payroll due to long term talent retention for niche skills.
Challenge in finding proficient engineers from different areas such as machine learning, observability systems, cloud infrastructure.
Engineers with razor sharp focus on delivering the best to make your business succeed.
Coupled with AI and prebuilt services, we deliver your apps as per the timelines.
No payroll related overhead and flexible commitment
We bring in expertise from varied areas such as front-end, backend, machine learning and devops

Case Studies


Database Performance Evaluation

London Underground Track Repairs

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